Established: Around 1500 BC by the Hurrian Kingdom
Former Name: Amid
Location: North of Mardin, Southeast Turkey
Current Significance: Fine Copper crafts and Cultural Site

Diyarbakir is an ancient culturally rich city situated along the Tigris River with a current population of 90% Kurdish. Surrounding the old city is the ancient Roman and Byzantine Wall, the 2nd longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China. The old city has winding narrow streets, old style homes turned into museums, and an old Han or Hall built in 1573 that has a large courtyard, teashops, a gallery, and many souvenir shops. You can buy local jewellery, silk, carpets, embroidery, copper, and silver handicrafts, as well as a selection of spices. In the centre there are old churches, such as the Meryem Ana Church which is a Syrian Orthodox Church founded in the 3rd century, and the Armenian Church which is the largest Armenian church in the Middle East.