Mount Nemrut, World Heritage Site
All King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene ever
wanted was for people to visit his Grand tomb and
memorial.Won’t you come and honor his wishes?
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Mount Nemrut, Volcanic Crater Lake
After a long day of touring, let the warm, refreshing
waters of this dormant volcanic lake embrace you
and show you how to truly relax!
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Aktamar, Historical Church
Step back over 1000 yrs. as you marvel at the amazing
craftsmanship of Armenian Monks and imagine what
their lives were like on this secluded, peaceful island.
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Ani, The Abandoned City
Let your imagination run wild as you visit the ruins of
this ancient and important Armenian capital,now a
virtual ghost town inviting you to discover its mysteries.
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Trabzon, Grand Aya Sofya Church

Clear up any confusion you might have and discover
the ‘other’ Hagia Sophia church for yourself. Do you
think it resembles the famous one in Istanbul?
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Noah’s Ark and the Ararat Mountain Range
Locals claim that Noah’s Ark lies here. Can you
spot it? If not, don’t tell the wise old man who
has been guarding it for over 30 years.

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Hattuşa, World Heritage Site
This ancient Hittite Capital allows you to step back
in time to 2000 years BC. Are you ready to discover
what they have left behind for you to see?
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Cappadocia, The Adventure Capital of Turkey
Don’t miss the captivating caves, monasteries, and underground
cities found here, but perhaps you’d like to add ballooning,
ATV-ing, or Horseback riding to set you trip above the rest!
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Mardin’s Snack Shops
At this point in your tour you will have enjoyed the finer
tastes of Turkish Cuisine, but why not treat yourself
further with these fine delectable sweets of Mardin?
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